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  4. Jisheng Logistics 2018 Annual Development Training

    Date:6, 15, 2018Hits:19


    Clouds light wind clear summer Yi square beginning, in this green season, on June 9 jisheng logistics all staff went to beidaihe diantong base to carry out a one-day "United struggle to defeat self" development training activities. This activity is mainly to strengthen the construction of the staff of the company, enhance the interaction between employees, and cultivate the sense of team spirit and collaboration.
    Team up, teams, talent, talent ...
    Pink Panthers Attack Brave



    Three years, two teams, three years, two teams.


    From now on, we're not a gang, we're a passionate, organized, slogan team, and the teams are ready for the challenge!
    The high altitude Bridge project, 6 meters high, under the cheering of the companions, the players overcame their fears and bravely took a step to defeat themselves.


     The circular maze project was held on the beach. Simple things were repeated. Repeated things were done seriously. The team's cooperation ability was exercised and everyone's potential was tapped.



    "Wu Song Tiger Beauty"


    What's in the kitchen?


    The Star Project allows everyone to collaborate with each other in laughter and defeat themselves in the competition.
    The day's activities ended with the sea breeze and the waves. The spirit of expansion was like a turbulent stream that soaked everyone's body and mind, allowing employees to exercise their bodies, hone their will, and cultivate their temperament. Enhanced the team spirit of cooperation.


    This expansion is not only a simple training, a kind of thinking, a test, a spirit, a spirit, but also the crystallization of corporate culture. Let employees understand that there is no smooth road in life and work. It is just like expanding training. It is full of challenges and hardships, but as long as we stick to it, the scenery along the way will be remembered for life.