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  4. Caring for the health of our staff.

    Date:6, 27, 2018Hits:28

    In order to improve staff disease prevention, disease control awareness, care for the health of employees. On June 23, under the leadership of the company, the company's general department organized a comprehensive health examination for all employees.
    The medical examination project mainly arranged for liver, renal function, blood sugar, blood lipids five, tumor two screening, chest perspective, twelve lead electrocardiogram, thyroid color, gynecological examination and so on. In the process of physical examination, the company combines the actual work of employees, from the physical examination hospital, the selection of physical examination items and the determination of medical examination time to make detailed arrangements, giving employees the greatest convenience.
    After the medical examination is over, the results of the medical examination are feedback to the employees themselves in a timely manner, and the workers with physical conditions can be effectively treated as soon as possible. At the same time, improve the health records of employees in order to timely and comprehensive grasp of the health of employees.


    In recent years, the company has been practicing the corporate motto of "Happy Work, Happy Life," and regards caring for the health of employees as an important task. Regular medical examinations for employees not only enable employees to know their own physical conditions in a timely manner. Let the employees deeply feel the concern and love of the enterprise, the warmth of the extended family.