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  4. The company distributes Dragon Boat Festival benefits to all employees

    Date:6, 21, 2018Hits:17

    Enthusiastic Dragon Boat Festival, enjoy benefits. On the morning of June 15th, Jisheng Logistics Yuye was fragrant and cheerful. All employees received the company's early prepared Dragon Boat Festival benefits: a box of dumplings, a box of salted duck eggs, a bag of white sugar.



    The Dragon Boat Festival is another year. Every holiday season, the company's employees will feel the company's full of love. This year's dragon boat festival is no exception, a box of heavy gifts, not only reflects the company's meticulous concern for employees, but also has passed the "happy work and happy life" management concept that Jisheng Logistics has always advocated. Under the guidance of this concept, the company constantly strives to build a comfortable and clean work environment. In addition, through the development of colorful cultural activities, employees feel the company's consideration and care.



    Since the establishment of the company, the annual holiday benefits will be issued to employees, which has become an important reflection of the company's concern for employees, and the company will demonstrate the company's attention to employees with practical actions, transmitting the company's care for employees.