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  4. Qinhuangdao jisheng logistics co., LTD. Welcome National Day fun games

    Date:9, 25, 2019Hits:4


     In order to welcome the 70th birthday of the motherland, qinhuangdao jisheng logistics co., ltd. organized a fun sports meeting themed "youth's heart, youth's dream and hospitality" on September 21, 2019. When the hot summer with the season quietly receded, when the rustling autumn wind for the midsummer fruits covered with golden clothes, our youth, in jisheng logistics this piece of land, began to play a new music. 


        The sports meeting opens in the music of 8 broadcast gymnastics, familiar melody arouses the ripple of everybody memory, after by class committee wore bright-coloured red scarf for everybody. The fun games have rolling iron ring, throw sandbag, rubber band, woven basket, eagle catch chicken, tug-of-war and other items.


     Everyone is immersed in the happy memories of childhood, laughter and cheers. After fierce competition, class two grade one won the first prize in the fun games. The students of grade one, who were defeated, used their hands to make a Call for themselves