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  4. Encourage the New Era, Blossom in Beauty

    Date:3, 29, 2019Hits:1

    Congratulations to Cheng Shuyan, General Manager of the Company, on winning the honor of Excellent Vice President of Hebei Women Entrepreneurs Association

    The 2019 working conference of Hebei Women Entrepreneurs Association was held in Shijiazhuang on March 23. Nearly 200 women entrepreneurs from all parts of the province and municipalities took part in a grand ceremony. The meeting was highly valued by leaders at all levels. Huang Wenlin, Executive Vice President of the Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association, Jia Yuying, Secretary and Chairperson of the CPC Group of the Provincial Women's Federation, and Ma Lancui, former Deputy Director of the Provincial People's Congress, attended and addressed the meeting. Cao Huixian, Executive Chairman of Hebei Women Entrepreneurs Association, made a report on the work of Hebei Women Enterprises Association in 2019, which emphasized that in 2019, the Provincial Women Entrepreneurs Association should take in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party as the main line, take Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the guide, and further reform and opening up by the Party and the government. Taking the opportunity of opening up efforts and supporting the development of private economy, relying on the activities of "three deepening and three upgrading" and serving the majority of women entrepreneurs as the purpose, we should enhance the organizational vitality of the association, enhance its service ability, unite and lead the members to actively adapt to the law of economic development in the new era, implement the requirements of high-quality development, and steadily respond to difficulties and challenges. Enterprising spirit, improving comprehensive quality and ability, stimulating innovation and competitiveness, actively fulfilling social responsibility while realizing healthy development of enterprises, making new and greater contributions to the overall construction of a strong economic province and a beautiful Hebei Province, and welcoming the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with practical actions. At the workshop, Hebei Women Entrepreneurs Association commended the outstanding female entrepreneurs in 2018. Cheng Shuyan, general manager of Qinhuangdao Jisheng Logistics Co., Ltd., was awarded the honor of excellent vice president.