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  4. The company trade unions organize staff to carry out autumn outing activities.

    Date:10, 24, 2018Hits:9

    In the autumn season, the sky is clear. In order to enrich employees'spare-time cultural life, enhance team cohesion, embody the company's humanistic care, let everyone relax and be close to nature after busy work, on October 20, the company's trade union organized all staff to carry out autumn tour activities in Longyun Valley scenic spot.


    The Dragon Valley in autumn is beautiful with many fruits and red leaves. After 3,000 meters of wooden trestle road, we enjoy the natural beauty of the peaks, steep and steep, mountain springs and waterfalls. Employees in the autumn-filled mountains, breathing fresh air, accompanied by bright sunshine, laughter, three or five groups of companions, especially comfortable.

    Altitude 530 meters of glass trestle, so that we challenge ourselves at the same time experience the thrilling excitement of the "feeling of flight."

    Throughout the autumn outing, you speak to me, exchange ideas, talk about the past, look forward to the future, the atmosphere is harmonious and warm.

    Under the setting sun, the autumn outing ended in everyone's laughter and laughter. The whole autumn outing activities are orderly and harmonious. The staff relax after busy work, enjoy the beauty of nature, enjoy the body and mind, and realize the importance of unity and cooperation. In the embrace of nature, they shorten the distance between each other, further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and work for the future. To create a united, lively, healthy, harmonious and positive atmosphere. I believe that in the future, employees will be more full of enthusiasm to work into their own positions, to contribute to the vigorous development of the company's own strength!