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  4. Actively participating in the "100 Enterprises to Help 100 Villages" Precision Poverty Alleviation Action to Help Win the Poverty Eradication Campaign Proposal

    Date:6, 5, 2018Hits:30

    On May 31, the Qinhuangdao Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Municipal Poverty Reduction and Development Office jointly held a "100 Enterprises to Help 100 Villages" precision poverty alleviation action promotion meeting to convey the spirit of the central, provincial and municipal key work conferences on poverty alleviation and mobilize and organize the city's private enterprises and chambers of commerce to help Qinglong 87 "13th Five-Year" poor villages. We will help win the fight against poverty in an all-round way.



    The company's general manager, Chengshuyan, attended the meeting and read out the "Actively Join the" 100 Enterprises to Help 100 Villages "Precision Poverty Alleviation Action to Help Win the Fight Against Poverty." She believes that as a beneficiary of reform and opening up and a fresh force to win the battle against poverty, it is the duty and mission incumbent on private enterprises to actively participate in the call for "100 Enterprises to Help 100 Villages" to accurately reduce poverty. At present, Qinhuangdao city poverty eradication has been nibbling hard bones, to meet the National inspection and acceptance of the Sprint stage. We will deepen our understanding of the firm determination of the municipal party committee to win the fight against poverty, actively participate in poverty alleviation initiatives, strive for high-quality development promotion, actively participate in the "100 Enterprises and 100 Villages" targeted poverty alleviation activities, and promote outstanding entrepreneurship.




    We will work hard to make good deeds and practical things work well. Through practical help, we will make new and greater contributions to the city's timely victory over the "poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation" and the construction of strong coastal cities, beautiful port cities and international cities.