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  4. 木薯淀粉周評:需求尚未好轉 走貨緩慢

    Date:10, 14, 2019Hits:0

    1. Domestic market review of cassava starch

    After the National Day cassava starch market performance is relatively general, the downstream demand is still not improved, the market supply of goods is more adequate, the city shipping mentality is ok, some brand price stability in decline, overall, the market is still slow. Qingdao port Thailand medium and high-end pink tax report 3,400-3,720 yuan/ton, Vietnam pink mainstream tax report 3,200-3,400 yuan/ton. The goods arrived normally in guangxi border trade market, but the pressure of traders' inventory was not great. Influenced by the sluggish demand in the downstream, the quotation fell down slightly, and the mainstream quotation in the market was 3070-3450 yuan/ton, with the volume shrinking. In terms of domestic powder, the manufacturer's quotation is relatively stable, among which low-grade products are quoted 3,700-3800 yuan/ton, ordinary products are quoted 3,800-3900 yuan/ton, and high-quality products are quoted 3,900-4200 yuan/ton.

    2. International market review of cassava starch

    Tapioca in Thailand continued to increase in the market, the factory continued to grow, affected by this, starch production increased steadily. Affected by the holiday in China, the factory has few new orders, and the manufacturer's quotation is relatively stable. Currently, the mainstream quotation of middle and high-end pink in Thailand is fob410-435 usd/ton. Vietnamese new potato supply continues to improve, in the production plant and starch output shows a steady increase trend, affected by the slowdown in Chinese demand, the factory quotation is temporarily stable, most manufacturers at cnf390-410 us dollars/ton.

    3. Future market forecast

    Thailand fresh potato supply continued to improve, manufacturers continue to increase, the price is relatively stable. Vietnam fresh potato supply continued to increase, factory starch output increased steadily, due to the sluggish demand in China and the factory inventory pressure is not affected, the factory quotation temporarily stable. The supply of goods in the domestic market is more adequate, the downstream demand is still not improved, the goods slightly slow, the price fell steadily. Zhuochuang predicted that the recent cassava starch market to maintain a stable operation, the price of low.

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