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  4. Cassava starch price dynamics

    Date:11, 20, 2018Hits:2

    Cassava starch external market and market price list

    Regional unit price is higher than last week's price.

    Thailand dollar / ton 455-4650 Qingdao Vietnam yuan / ton 3800-40000

    Vietnam dollar / ton 460-4700 Guangxi border trade yuan / ton 3600-38300

    Qingdao Thailand yuan / ton 3850-40700 Guangxi domestic yuan / ton 3780-42300

    Note: Domestic prices are based on Non-tax statistics, FOB prices in Thailand and CNF prices in Vietnam, and are based on yesterday's closing price.

    Yesterday, the domestic cassava starch Market performed smoothly, the ports arrived one after another, the market supply was relatively sufficient, the downstream pick-up was slightly general, the market wait-and-see mood was still strong, and TRADERS'quotations were weak. The border trade market continued to increase, and market quotas continued to decline.

    Raw materials and start-up trends: Thai mid-end powder quotation refers to $455-465 per ton in FOB Bangkok, Vietnamese manufacturers quoted a stable price, most of which are currently reported as $CNF460-470 per ton.

    Exchange rate: as at 8:00 this morning, the selling price of the US dollar cash notes of the Bank of China was 695.73 (transaction unit: 100).

    Forecast: Fresh potato supply of raw materials in foreign countries continues to improve, the output of manufacturers has steadily increased, there are not many new orders in the near future, and the quotation has steadily declined. The implementation of the new policy in the border trade market was delayed, the arrival of goods continued to increase during the transitional period, and the price fluctuation declined. Zhuochuang expects that the cassava starch market will keep stable operation in the near future, and the price will continue to decline slightly.