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  4. Promoting the Cooperative Development of E-commerce and Express Logistics by Sending Opinions from Shanghai Municipal Government

    Date:1, 21, 2019Hits:3

    Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Government Office issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Cooperative Development of E-commerce and Express Logistics in Shanghai" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions") and the development of express industry in Shanghai has received policy support again.

    "Opinions on Implementation" is a powerful measure to implement Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party, and to deepen the implementation of "Opinions on Promoting the Cooperative Development of Electronic Commerce and Express Logistics" by the General Office of the State Council. The Implementing Opinions focuses on the contradictions faced by the coordinated development of e-commerce and express logistics. It focuses on promoting the structural reform of supply side, improving urban infrastructure, and building a high-quality business environment. It focuses on promoting the rational layout, intelligent development, green operation, standardized construction and convenient services of e-commerce and express logistics.

    The Opinions on Implementation put forward fourteen key tasks in five aspects and clarified the division of responsibilities for each task. One is to promote the rational layout of e-commerce express infrastructure and promote intensive development. Strengthen planning coordination, promote the integrated development of e-commerce express delivery in Yangtze River Delta, and form a regional coordination, urban-rural integration of express service network system. Speed up the construction of Shanghai Post Express International Hub Center, and build Unicom's Asia-Pacific and global international air express hub. Implement the Special Plan for Express Facilities in Shanghai (2017-2035). Land for Express Logistics related storage, distribution and distribution facilities should be included in the urban and rural planning, and provide land security for express terminal outlets and other supporting policies. The second is to promote the intelligent development of e-commerce express delivery and enhance collaborative efficiency. Improve the application level of science and technology in the industry, and increase the support of government funds for express logistics and e-commerce industries. Promote the construction of express logistics park, accelerate the construction of Qingpu National Express Industry Transition and Development Demonstration Zone, Pudong Zhuqiao International Modern Express Logistics Park, and promote the coordinated development of supply chain. Third, we should promote the green development of e-commerce express delivery and pay attention to environmental benefits. By 2020, the rate of single-face electronic usage of agreement customers will be more than 95%, further reducing the use of cartons and tapes, and promoting the use of new energy vehicles. Fourth, we should promote the standardization of e-commerce express delivery and strengthen its standardized development. Facilitate the passage of distribution vehicles, standardize vehicle operation and management, promote standardized terminal express service, and speed up the promulgation of the General Specification for Shanghai Express Terminal Integrated Service Station. Fifth, to promote e-commerce express delivery facilitation services and optimize business environment. Deepening the reform of "releasing control clothing" and strengthening supervision after the event. We will improve the data sharing system and take the lead in sharing, exchanging and cooperating information in different fields such as departments, industries and regions, relying on the city's leading big data trading and industrial agglomeration advantages. Establish the credit rating system, credit information system and service security credit archives database of e-commerce express enterprises, and improve the co-governance management mode of "government guidance, enterprise subject, industry autonomy, social participation".

    The Shanghai Post Administration said that it is necessary to fully understand the significance of the Implementation Opinions, actively promote the study, publicity and implementation of the Opinions, strengthen inter-departmental communication and cooperation, focus on gathering the "chess game" to promote the coordinated development of e-commerce and express logistics, transform the real policy dividends into tangible development effects, and further promote the high-quality development of express industry in the city. 。

    From: Logistics and Purchasing Network