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  4. The Three Gorges hub Baiyang port multimodal transport starts to build a new system of the North Grain and the South transport logistics.

    Date:11, 9, 2018Hits:2

    On October 30, a containerized train of Yirong with 1500 tons of corn was launched from Yichang East Railway Station to Chengdu, marking the official start of multimodal transport in Baiyang Port, the Three Gorges hub.

    The maize contained in this container train started from Jinzhou Port, Liaoning Province, and was transported to Baiyang Port, Yichang, through river and sea passages. Then it was transported on land and transferred to railway, and the end point was Qinglongchang Station, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. This multi-modal transportation mode of land, water and rail has become a fast and efficient new logistics channel for grain transportation from north to south to West in China. The whole logistics time can be saved by more than 10 hours and the comprehensive logistics cost can be saved by 30%.

    After the completion of the Three Gorges Dam, the shipping passage in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River has been greatly improved, the efficiency of water transportation has been improved, and the economic development of the central and western regions of China has been effectively promoted. With the rapid increase of cargo flow, in 2011, the cargo of the Three Gorges Lock reached 100 million tons, which reached the maximum design capacity 19 years ahead of schedule, and the ship's dam-crossing was hindered. Last year, the average delay time for ships passing through the Three Gorges dam was 100 hours, the longest being over 170 hours.

    In order to solve the "intestinal obstruction" of the Three Gorges Lock and smooth the logistics corridor in the central and Western regions, Yichang City Construction Holding Group Traffic Investment Co., Ltd. jointly operates the Yichang Railway Depot and Wuhan Zhongyuan Maritime Transport, carries out the construction of Baiyang Port multimodal transport project, and builds a new logistics system for the transportation of grain from north to South and from west to West relying on river-sea and water-rail intermodal transport. To realize the "grain and fertilizer exchange" in Northeast, Three Gorges and Chengdu-Chongqing, and to form a new logistics channel from Northeast, Hubei to Yunnan-Guichuan through the implementation of "big diversion and small transshipment" in the Three Gorges hub. The multi-modal transport network system of Shuihua-Railway is becoming more and more mature.

    Transformation: logistics and purchasing network